The 3% Conference welcomes press and is happy to provide quotes for stories about advertising, female leadership, marketing to women and related topics. If you'd like a quote or to book an interview, please contact our PR team, led by Nancy Vaughn of White Book Agency: nancy [at] whitebookagency [dot] com or 305-902-7172.

Who We Are

The 3% Conference is an organization of agencies, brands and individuals committed to increasing female creative leadership. Founded by ad woman Kat Gordon in 2012, the 3% team now includes a team of seven handling design, PR, web, social media, research, agency consulting and certification.

Our Mission is to support more diverse creative leadership because:

  • consumers deserve to be marketed to from a place of understanding
  • brands deserve to not have their marketing budgets wasted through ideas created in an atmosphere of homogeneity
  • everyone - especially children - deserves a healthier media diet in the 3,000 ads they consume daily


The 3% Conference relies on the generous support of sponsors who make our annual event and road shows possible. Our Founding Partners are the 4As, Eleven and Adobe and we have generous sponsor support from about 30 brands and agencies. VIEW THE COMPLETE LIST OF SPONSORS



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