The 3% Conference has been steadily gaining awareness and influence in the press. We're regularly quoted, interviewed and cited as having an impact on the future of advertising. Some of our favorite mentions thus far are below.

"In France, 3% Conference founder Gordon said women in top positions should take on public roles such as speaking engagements and judging for industry awards. When women in leadership roles step into the spotlight, younger women have examples to emulate."

"With the traction The 3% movement is having, I believe we will reach a gender-equal creative workforce within the next 10 years."

"Gordon was an ideal fit for the (Forty Over 40) list as the founder of The 3% Conference, which addresses the critical business issue of lack of women and diversity in leadership roles. Huge congrats to Kat on the accolade."

"The '40 Women To Watch Over 40' list was founded to challenge age stereotypes and raise awareness that 'over forty' is when many women come into their most productive era. This is the second annual list and the winners are disruptors, innovators and role models, ranging in age from 40 to 72. Included is Kat Gordon, Founder of The 3% Conference..."

"When is this incredibly smart and capable industry going to realize we aren't saving lives? We're in advertising. Let's get real. Why all the all-nighters? The broken promises? The skipped plans with friends and families because you're stuck at the office? The guilt?"

"When clients think about hiring an agency they need to be asking who is going to work on my business, who is the person to be the voice for my brand targeting women."

Kathy Delaney, CCO, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, via Fast Company

"I wish there were more women to interview for creative directors. If you could find them, you would hire them because strong creative comes from insights from both genders."

Val DiFebo, CEO, Deutsch

"It’s a proven fact that having more women and ethnicities represented in business results in better business performance. More importantly, we are an industry that both influences and is influenced by the culture of our society. Simply reflecting one ethnic group isn’t good enough."

Nancy Hill, CEO, the 4A’s

"Kat Gordon has taken on the elephant, the big issue, and is empowering and inspiring women in advertising all over the world."

Christina Knight

"It’s important to foster a community and build teams that go against the traditional Mad Men construct. That absolutely means supporting women in advertising but also mixing up the model completely. If you hire for sameness the output will be sameness."

Jennifer Parke, Creative Director, She-conomy: The Metamorphosis of Feminine Power

"To me, the 3% problem is an idea problem, which makes it all of our problem."

Will Burns, Founder & Ceo, Ideasicle

"I know that ad agency upper management doesn’t give a flying fandango about my feelings. You know what they do care about, though? Keeping clients."

Rebecca Rivera, Creative Director and cofounder of Social Goodness

"Most people assume Mad Men is a quaint time capsule. The wardrobe has changed and there’s no smoking and no bourbon, but if you really get down to the nitty gritty we haven’t made nearly the progress we should."

Where are all the women creative directors?

"If you’re getting women walking away, you’re losing half the talent in your industry."

Mad Women? Why women walk away from advertising

And then there’s this one that popped up in the Twitter stream of Roger Sterling from Mad Men shortly after our inaugural event.

"Women are much better organisers of time in our industry than men. I would argue they’re even better at doing their jobs than men in our industry generally."

Sir Martin Sorrell, Women Are Better in Advertising

"It's a dangerous situation when all-important conclusions are drawn by one kind of person. Even if that person is the all-knowing, practically perfect, white, middle-class male."

Nina DiSesa

"Women in advertising are learning that their femaleness is not a liability to be fixed, but an advantage to be celebrated."

"Times are changing. This is by no means a pity party for creative industry women. It’s about supporting talent."

"You can (and should) watch Cindy Gallop’s 3% Conference keynote speech. It’s perhaps the best 31 minutes you can devote to understanding the ways that advertising is broken and our best hopes for fixing it."

"…if ever advertising should adopt affirmative-action hiring practices, I think MEN will be the beneficiaries, since awareness is rising steadily about the competitive advantage women have in our field."

Interview with Kat Gordon

"I got a call from Kat Gordon about a year ago asking if I'd be interested in being part of an idea she had for something brand new called "The 3% Conference." I immediately said 'yes' but wondered how in the world she would be able to pull this all together. She did. And it was incredible. In many ways, this was our Woodstock. I have been to countless conferences where you were lucky if one or two of the speakers brought content and relevance. Here...every one of them did. It was the best conference I've ever attended. Can't wait for next year. I suggest you book early. The word is spreading. I'm proud to have been a small part of this unique happening."

Tom Jordan

"It’s not that a guy doesn’t have the talent to craft an ad for a feminine hygiene product or that a woman can’t craft an ad to sell a convertible Porsche. It’s just that when a brand needs to primarily engage women and mothers on an ongoing basis, it helps to have "some" female creative input."

"We need more clients to demand women run their accounts."

Edward Boches, Chief Innovation Officer, Mullen

"...the only way you avoid groupthink and excessive like-mindedness is to have some kind of conflict in a team or group."

The Truth About Creative Teams

"It's a dangerous situation when all-important conclusions are drawn by one kind of person. Even if that person is the all-knowing, practically perfect, white, middle-class male."

Nina DiSesa

"I just went to a conference this summer called The 3% Conference for women creative directors. We only make up 3 percent of the creative director workforce, which really floored me. I thought we made a lot more. Perhaps we do in New York, but for the whole country … that was kind of eye opening for me."

Piper Hickman

"The 3% Conference is one of the pillars of change in modern business. I really admire Kat Gordon’s combination of grace and determination. She reminds me of what the great anthropologist Margaret Mead said, 'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.'"

Scott McAfee, Partner, Sanders\Wingo