Looking for a 3% study, our #100things list of microactions or a presentation from one of our 3% Conferences? You're in the right place. Read, download and share away.

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Elephant on Madison Ave.

The 3% Movement invited our community to share their experiences and stories via our “Elephant on Madison Avenue”* survey. Nearly 600 women told us in excruciating detail what it is like to be a woman in advertising. The results speak for themselves.

100 Things for Faculty

Changing the ratio can start in the classroom. Download this guide for faculty and start the conversations among students now.

20 Things You Can Do To Retain Moms in Creative Leadership

In honor of Mother's Day, here are some microactions to support parenthood in agencies. How many are you doing?

What Women Want: Results from our 3% Community Survey

As we move from a campaign focused on raising awareness to a movement committed to activation, we decided to conduct a baseline study of the women in the 3% community.

100 Things

100 Things

We can all help #changetheratio - one microaction at a time. Download and share this list of 100 things that you, your company and your client can do right NOW.

Manbassador Bingo

Manbassador Bingo

Have a Mandassador in your life? Download our BINGO card and find out.

Female CDs on the Rise

Female CDs on the Rise

A 2014 study of women serving as Creative Directors.