Progress! Women now 11% of CDs -- a 319% increase.

Progress! Women now 11% of CDs -- a 319% increase.

September 9, 2014ByKat Gordon

3 percent study showing the ratio has changed

We need to change the name of our conference.

I've been wanting to type those words for three years now. And today I have the privilege of doing so.

The 3% Conference just released some research that shows that female CDs now comprise 11% of the field. That's more than a three-fold increase and worthy of celebration.

Check out our homepage, where you can download and read the study, find out what agencies like POSSIBLE are doing to measure their own gender breakdown and what more is needed to continue to #changetheratio. Please shout this news from the rooftops and share the study widely within your own circles.

Huge thanks to our lead designer, Jenny Bergman, for making pages of data look glorious and Rebecca Rivera for being the creative lead on this. More thanks to Rebecca Bedrossian for her editing help and the folks at Communication Arts for providing their cover art and insight on female judges. Most of all, thanks to all of you who are part of The 3% community -- for keeping the drumbeat going and insisting we do better.

Our work here is not done. But we're making a dent.


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