Speed Mentoring

Why We Need To Bite The Hand That Feeds Us

April 21, 2015ByNicole Marquis

Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt, USCTO Megan Smith, and President & CEO of the Aspen Institute Walter Isaacson, talk about women and tech at the #SXSW panel.

At a recent tech panel, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google continuously interrupted Megan Smith, the USCTO. And the one woman brave enough to call Schmidt out happened to be Google's Diversity Officer. Who recognized a real time learning opportunity for her boss.

Why Mentoring Matters

March 31, 2015ByNicole Marquis

a speed dating mentoring session

When we don’t understand something or want to learn more, it’s only natural to ask for help. Or is it? Too many creative women say they’re afraid to ask a lot of questions lest they be labeled high maintenance or not proactive enough. WTH?

Speed Mentoring at 3%: Networking Reimagined by Jeff Miller and Rebecca Rivera

September 24, 2013ByMindi Rosser

Speed Mentoring 2013 3 Percent Conference

When you’re an up and coming Creative, you’ve got a lot to think about. Do I have what it takes to get the great gigs? Will people respect me enough to let me lead? Should I even want to lead? Am I good enough? Where am I headed?