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Kevin Roberts has a new job. Cindy Gallop still doesn't have an apology.

January 10, 2017ByKat Gordon

Well, well, well.

Headlines today report that Kevin Roberts was just named Chairman of Beattie Group, a UK PR agency. They're pleased as punch: "We are delighted to have recruited one of the world’s most inspirational business minds to help us expand in the UK, North America and Australasia."

My 2017 Wish for 3 Percenters.

January 2, 2017ByKat Gordon

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Happy New Year, 3 Percenters. You've been on my mind.

Dear Answeritis Guy From Fatigued + Fearful Feminist

October 20, 2016ByKat Gordon

The 5th Annual 3% Conference is 2 weeks from today. One of our main stage speakers is Steve Almond, an author and creative writing teacher at Harvard's Nieman Fellowship. Almond is also co-host of the WBUR podcast Dear Sugar Radio with Cheryl Strayed, which is where he caught 3% Founder Kat Gordon's ear.

Ad Girl, Interrupted

July 7, 2016ByKat Gordon

NOTE: This is a guest post by Lisa Leone, reposted with her permission from a piece she wrote this morning on Medium.com. Lisa said that completing our Elephant on Madison Avenue survey prompted her to write it.

Give fewer f**s, enter more competitions.

April 12, 2016ByKat Gordon

I recently received an email from a female creative I’ve never met. She included a link to her portfolio and asked if I thought she “had a shot” at winning in The One Show’s One to Watch competition.

Truth? I didn’t look at her portfolio. But I did respond that YES, I thought she had a shot and she should definitely nominate herself.

War Story: My Worst Experience in Advertising.

March 22, 2016ByKat Gordon

This essay appears in the newest issue of Advertising Creative: Strategy, Copy & Design by Jean Grow and Tom Altstiel. 3% Founder, Kat Gordon, contributed it as a "War Story" to showcase the many failures we face in advertising. We're good at crowing about our successes, but it's important for emerging creatives to know that some days will suck.

Pro Bono. Good for You.

July 28, 2015ByNicole Marquis

U 2 can go pro bono.

When you're doing pro bono advertising, you're not only putting your professional skills to work for the greater good, you're also building your portfolio and your network. It's not entirely selfless, since pro bono can pay off big time.

Work/Life Unbalance – Learning to live with the new “connected” normal.

July 9, 2014ByNicole Marquis

Valerie Moizel, Executive Creative Director/Partner at The Woo, explains why she's embracing the new normal of connectivity and not wallowing in guilt over having to constantly multitask between being a mom, a wife and a boss.

Why we overvalue overwork

June 5, 2014ByKat Gordon

Create your own finish line

Accountants reach a moment where the tax returns are done. Doctors have viewed the X-rays. Chefs have reduced the sauce. But when is a creative presentation "done"?