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A 3% thanks giving story

November 25, 2014ByRebecca Rivera

Nancy Vonk and Laurel Stark Akman at The 2014 3% Conference

Being grateful is a powerful emotion for those experiencing it. But saying thank you is empowering for everyone involved. Ours can be a thankless industry, full of long hours and high expectations. We all battle feelings of self doubt. So we can all benefit from some genuine appreciation from time to time. Even the rock stars need a reminder that their hard work matters to someone.

Breaking through glass

August 15, 2014ByRebecca Rivera

photo 4_0.JPG

Elaine Totten Davis' impressive scar has an equally impressive story.

CD Bootcamp: Because being a good Creative doesn’t prepare you to be a good Creative Director

April 2, 2014ByRebecca Rivera

It’s no surprise so many ACDs stumble a bit the first time they take on a Director role. No one teaches Creatives how to go from being a rock star that consistently comes up with good ideas to being the leader of a team that collaborates well and sells ideas that are on strategy in a way that’s profitable for the agency. Until now.