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Talent/HR Track

November 13, 2016ByLaura Wolf

The 3% Conference 2016 Talent/HR Track

The 3% Conference and its new Talent/HR track have the ability and responsibility to share actionable practices that ensure women, mothers, AND other groups safely come in from the margins and get our due.

Another agency poach your female CD? Here's what to do.

July 1, 2016ByKat Gordon

Five years in to the 3% Movement (can you believe it?), there's an interesting phenomenon we're seeing. Top female creative talent is in such hot demand that it's being poached. Creative women of color are even more in demand.

Recruiters Tell All by Francesca Cohn

September 30, 2013ByMindi Rosser

Francesca Cohn 3 Percent Conference

What’s the best way to climb the creative ladder? It’s all a bit of a mystery. But there is one group of people who knows how to break in, how to get ahead, how to build teams and ultimately to be a respected and effective Creative Director.