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Why CES Is an Embarrassment to the Advertising Industry

January 16, 2017ByLaura Wolf

Why CES Is an Embarrassment to the Advertising Industry

CES commenced while Commerce announced that Planned Parenthood would be defunded. Kevin Drew Davis on why the CES tech news is an embarrassment to the industry.

You in or What?

October 12, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Left to right: Franke Rodriguez, partner/CEO, Anomaly. Brett Marchand, CEO, V7/Cossette. Wendy Clark, CEO, DDB Worldwide.  Andrew Kirby, VP Client Services, Sapient Nitro. Frank Palmer, Chairman & CEO, DDB Canada.

With more diverse leadership, comes more diverse thinking. This leads to better, more insightful work. And with better, more insightful work, comes more successful clients. And isn’t that our job?

Why Should Great Female Leaders Want to Work at Your Agency?

September 27, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Why Should Great Female Leaders Want to Work at Your Agency?

Authentic creative work can’t happen without an authentic source—the women themselves.

The Changing Face of Design

July 25, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Youth Design mentors and class of 2015

Three programs that start teenagers on the path to careers in design.

Confessions of a Privileged White Male and Former Conservative

July 18, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Realization means judging pitches in the context of the person--and knowing that the very same company is going to get presented very differently to me when a white male is pitching versus a black female.

The 97% Speak: Max Rutherford

September 22, 2015ByNicole Marquis

Max Rutherford, Vendor Partner Diversity Director, GSD&M

Max Rutherford, Vendor Partner Diversity Director at GSD&M, shares his view of diversity, why it's critical for agencies to hire diverse vendor partners, and why we shouldn't let the naysayers get us down.

Mark Barden: A Beautiful Constraint

May 28, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Kat Gordon interviews Mark Barden about his new book, A Beautiful Constraint: How to Transform Your Limitations into Advantages, and Why It's Everyone's Business, and how its principles can be applied to female creatives and leaders.

The 97% Speak: Glenn Cole

December 17, 2014ByMindi Rosser

Glenn Cole, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at 72andSunny, joins us today to discuss agency culture, gender equality in advertising, and unique pairings to create inspired work.

The 97% Speak: Scott McAfee

October 22, 2014ByMindi Rosser

Scott McAfee - Sanders\Wingo 3% Conference


Scott McAfee, Partner at Sanders\Wingo, joins us today to talk about why he's speaking at The 3% Conference, the big idea behind his Behavioral Science Lab and words of advice for his daughter if she decides to go into advertising.

3 reasons why the 3% matters to men

July 28, 2014ByRebecca Rivera

We women could benefit tremendously if more men understood the 3% movement, how it helps us, and ultimately how it helps them too.