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Keynote/Fireside Chat: Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World

November 16, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World

Adam Grant, author of New York Times bestseller "Originals," shares compelling stories and research at The 3% Conference about how those who don’t fit the mold are often the ones to break it.

Top 3 things I learned at Yale

October 6, 2015ByRebecca Bedrossian

Embracing business acumen helps creatives get a seat at the table.

20 Things You Can Do Right Now to Avoid Advancing at Work!

July 7, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Kelly Niland - 3 Percent Conference

Do you ever get the sense that your male colleagues might be having an easier time in their careers? That, even though you started off with similar qualifications, they seem to be moving up more quickly? That’s because they are. Why? Because they know how to do it better than you!

Are we in the middle of a women's movement in technology?

June 15, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Women, Innovation and Technology Summit (WIT) at eMerge Americas

Guest Post by Johanne Wilson

Over the course of my career as a creative, I haven't experienced much discrimination, at least not to my face.

How To Leverage New Trends in Advertising Technology

June 10, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Recently, thought leaders in technology came together at the Ad:Tech conference in San Francisco. From the exhibitor floor, to the keynotes, to the breakout sessions, professional exchange yielded many ideas and concepts that will, no doubt, drive campaigns forward.

Blow the Whistle, Not Your Career: An ACD’s Tale of Sexual Harassment

May 14, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Sexual Harassment at Work

The 3% Conference is an optimistic movement and does not exist to shame agencies, but to help all agencies improve their diversity efforts. The issue of sexual harassment is one we plan to address at this fall's conference and hope your comments in response to this post may help us shape the agenda.

Behind the Scenes: Camp Reel Stories

April 16, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Camp Reel Stories - Esther Pearl Interview

In this interview, our own Laurel Stark Akman interviews Esther Pearl of Camp Reel Stories about their mission, which is in line with the 3% Conference, and how they are working to #changetheratio in film and television.

The 3% Speak: Yomi Abiola

April 7, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Yomi Abiola - The 3% Conference

We crossed paths with Yomi Abiola, who was kind enough to do an interview with us. Yomi is a social entrepreneur and change agent as the founder of Stand Up For Fashion (STUFF), a global platform that promotes social accountability and responsibility in the fashion industry. At the core of her work is diversity, inclusion and female empowerment.

How To Have a “Comeback Year”

April 2, 2015ByMindi Rosser

How To Have a Comeback Year - Laurel Stark

How do you get over a job that doesn't work for you and find one that does? The Comeback Queens share their secrets to rebounding from toxic job situations into healthy ones, where they are appreciated, challenged, well-paid and happy.

Jean Kilbourne: Making Unconscious Messages Conscious

March 17, 2015ByMindi Rosser

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Jean Kilbourne, an author and filmmaker and a sought after keynote speaker focused on topics like addiction and public health, violence, women and the media. Jean is renowned for her ability to present provocative topics in a way that unites rather than divides, encourages dialogue and empowers people—like us 3 Percenters—to take action.