3% Conference

Seeing Is Believing: My First 3% Conference

January 10, 2017ByLaura Wolf

3% Conference 2016 Google Panel: Emiliana Torrens, Bec Brideson, Christina Gliha, Jureeporn Thaidumrong, Cecelia Wogan-Silva

Emiliana Torrens, CEO of POSSIBLE Buenos Aires, shares her experience at her first 3% Conference and discusses the #PorMuchasMas gender diversity movement in Latin America.

Misunderstood Millennials

December 13, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Joan Snyder Kuhl and Julius L. Dunn, II discussed findings from their study, "Misunderstood Millennial Talent." Recap by Shameka Brown Barbosa.

Creative Director Track

December 10, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Susan Credle and Jeff Goodby present at the 2016 3% Conference Creative Director Track

The 2016 3% Conference Creative Director track emphasized that we need engagement from CD leadership like never before if we're to achieve equality. Recap by Deanna Paquette.

Taking the Pulse: The Latest Research on Gender Equality in Advertising

December 4, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Erin St. Onge Carpenter, 3% Conference Chief Knowledge Officer, discusses the latest research on gender equality in advertising

Key insights from in-depth research on what we know, what we don’t, and the questions we need to ask on gender equality in advertising. Recap by Melissa Beseda.

Emerging Creative Track

November 30, 2016ByLaura Wolf

The Next Creative Leaders panel at the 2016 3% Conference Emerging Creative Track

The 2016 3% Conference Emerging Creative track covered creative briefs, solutions, and presentation skills for (and from) tomorrow's creative leaders. Recap by Jessi Brown.

Panel: Track Takeaways

November 29, 2016ByLaura Wolf

2016 3% Conference Track Takeaways Panel

Key learnings from The 3% Conference's four tracks—Manbassadors, HR/Talent, Emerging Creatives, and Creative Directors—recapped by Christian Jaekle.

Closing Keynote: Women And People Of Color In Advertising: Here’s What You Do Next

November 29, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Cindy Gallop delivered 5th annual 3% Conference closing keynote, Women And People Of Color In Advertising: Here's What You Do Next

Frustrated by the incremental rate of change in the ad industry, Cindy Gallop wants to see ACTION. And she told 3% Conference-goers how.

Fireside Chat: The Cure for Answeritis

November 27, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Fireside Chat: The Cure for Answeritis with Steve Almond and Kat Gordon at the 2016 3% Conference

In advertising, how often are we handed a brief with a problem and in our desire to get right to the answer, we forget to ask the right questions? Steve Almond and Kat Gordon discuss at the 2016 3% Conference how to protect your problem-solving powers and find solutions outside the office in strange and wonderful ways.

Fireside Chat: What Are You Gonna Do About It?

November 22, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Marley Dias and Diane Jackson at the 2016 3% Conference during the What are you Going to do About it? fireside chat.

What are you gonna do about it? Marley Dias, founder of the #1000BlackGirlBooks movement, has a story so inspiring that Kat Gordon based the theme of the 2016 3% Conference on it.

Manbassadors Track

November 19, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Cindy Gallop kicked of the Manbassadors Track at the 2016 3% Conference

The 2016 3% Conference built on what it started by introducing a Manbassadors track made up of six sessions focused on what men can do for gender equality. Recapped by Chris Vega.