The benefit of diversity... is diversity.

The benefit of diversity... is diversity.

November 22, 2014ByKat Gordon

I received an email this week from an awesome female CD I hadn't heard from in awhile. She shared the good news that her small agency had just won a big piece of business, going up against larger agencies. She was most proud that they scored this win with an all-female pitch team and she wondered if it might make for a good blog post for 3%.

After congratulating her on the win ("I love an underdog story!"), here's what I wrote to her:

"So this might not be the response you expected but I actually don't advocate for all-women anything. The benefit of diversity is diversity and men's voices being absent is just as much a problem as women's being absent. We've worked hard at 3% to bring men onto our team, invited them as speakers and sponsors, etc. I'm personally delighted for you at your win but would love it even more if at least one guy had been able to contribute to your creative process. The more people I meet, research I do, cities I visit to talk about this, the more I truly, deeply believe that teams that are homogeneous in any way are not as strong as they could be."


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