Dear Answeritis Guy From Fatigued + Fearful Feminist

October 20, 2016ByKat Gordon

The 5th Annual 3% Conference is 2 weeks from today. One of our main stage speakers is Steve Almond, an author and creative writing teacher at Harvard's Nieman Fellowship. Almond is also co-host of the WBUR podcast Dear Sugar Radio with Cheryl Strayed, which is where he caught 3% Founder Kat Gordon's ear.

You in or What?

October 12, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Left to right: Franke Rodriguez, partner/CEO, Anomaly. Brett Marchand, CEO, V7/Cossette. Wendy Clark, CEO, DDB Worldwide.  Andrew Kirby, VP Client Services, Sapient Nitro. Frank Palmer, Chairman & CEO, DDB Canada.

With more diverse leadership, comes more diverse thinking. This leads to better, more insightful work. And with better, more insightful work, comes more successful clients. And isn’t that our job?

Why Side Hustles Are Essential (and How to Crowd-Fund Them)

October 6, 2016ByLaura Wolf

RATLINE, A Graphic Novel

Katie Fetting speaks up on why side hustles are essential for everyone, and how to crowd-fund them.

Why Should Great Female Leaders Want to Work at Your Agency?

September 27, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Why Should Great Female Leaders Want to Work at Your Agency?

Authentic creative work can’t happen without an authentic source—the women themselves.

4 Words That Can Launch Futures

September 22, 2016ByKat Gordon

The tweet above I posted in Toronto when there for our 3% MiniCon. I'd wandered into Sephora and this rainbow of helpfulness and cheer descended upon me. Her name was Solana. It wasn't enough to thank her. So I tweeted to the company, mentioned her name and location, and said these magic four words:

You should promote her.

How do we choose speakers for The 3% Conference?

September 13, 2016ByKat Gordon

At 3%, we receive emails almost daily from folks interested in speaking at our events.

How awesome is that?

Enter our Student Scholar Competition to Win Free Attendance at The 3% Conference

September 8, 2016ByKat Gordon

Huge thanks to Adobe for their ongoing commitment to students being a key part of The 3% movement! The Adobe Student Scholar competition launches today and will enable 12 students to attend The 3% Conference free of charge (including a travel stipend).

Inviting Women to the Game: A Conversation with Louise Green

August 26, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Inviting Women to the Game: A Conversation with Louise Green

Louise Green, Body Exchange founder and author of soon-to-be published Big Fit Girl, opens up to The 3% Conference about her mission to help women realize their athletic potential at every size.

Finding a Female-Friendly Agency Fit

August 22, 2016ByLaura Wolf

Finding a Female-Friendly Agency Fit

The word “luck” comes with the connotation that we, as women, are somehow stumbling into female-friendly agencies by chance. We aren’t out here getting lucky. We’re just getting better at getting what we deserve.

Announcing the 3% Freelancer Scholarship!

August 5, 2016ByKat Gordon

Calling all female freelance creatives! You're an important part of the 3% community and we want as many of you at the fall conference as possible. Since we know you don't have a big agency bankrolling your attendance, KNOCK has generously stepped in to make it possible for ten lucky freelancers to attend at no charge.