Jean Kilbourne: Making Unconscious Messages Conscious

March 17, 2015ByMindi Rosser

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Jean Kilbourne, an author and filmmaker and a sought after keynote speaker focused on topics like addiction and public health, violence, women and the media. Jean is renowned for her ability to present provocative topics in a way that unites rather than divides, encourages dialogue and empowers people—like us 3 Percenters—to take action.

Takeaways: The Lead On Conference for Women 2015

March 12, 2015ByMindi Rosser

On National Women’s Day, it seems more than appropriate to reflect on diversity, inspiration, no ceilings, wage gap, mentorship, bias, empathy—recurrent themes at last month’s Lead On conference. In the heart of Silicon Valley, more than 5,000 gathered for Watermark’s inaugural conference.

Making Big Changes

March 4, 2015BySarah.Hughes

Maite Figueroa shares what it was like to, mid-career as a marketer, she took the leap and went back to school to become a designer. What really changed her perspective, however, was then finding out, half way through, that she was expecting. She talks about the stress, the loneliness, and the surprising payout of juggling both a new family and new career at the same time.

The 3% Manifesto

February 26, 2015ByKat Gordon

What does the 3% movement stand for? Where is it headed?

What Mask Do You Live In?

February 11, 2015BySarah.Hughes

When Zuzy Martin Lynch, a VP at Cline Davis & Mann, chose The Sundance Film Festival to celebrate her 40th birthday, she didn’t realize watching Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s film, The Mask You Live In, would not only challenge her role as a mother, but also her identity as a woman in advertising. Here is Zuzy’s first-person account of watching this documentary and confronting its truths.

3% Student Scholarship Winners Bring Inspiration and Activation to UNL Campus

February 2, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Samee Callahan and Amanda Walla

Amanda Walla and Samee Callahan won the 3% Conference Student Scholarship in 2014. After attending the conference, they made a pact to bring that change to their school and to start a collegiate pact of young ad women. Here's their story.

50/50 Initiative Changes The Ratio

January 27, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Heard of the 50/50 initiative? They are very much aligned with our mission at The 3% Conference, which is to continue changing the ratio of female creative leaders in the advertising industry. ADC is the first global membership organization to celebrate and award leaders in creative communications.

The 97% Speak: Chris Edwards

January 21, 2015ByMindi Rosser

We interviewed Chris Edwards, copywriter and creative director and soon-to-be-published memoir author, who inspires people to be true to themselves and have the courage to make difficult changes in their lives. We spoke about his story of changing his gender, using his sense of humor during those awkward moments and creating his own successful rebranding campaign.

The 3% Speak: Jen Ostrich on Coaching Creatives

January 12, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Jen Ostrich helps people get in touch with who they are to ensure they're living an authentic life. She specializes in coaching creative leaders. We spoke about her revolutionary approach to coaching, how she discovered her passion and how branding lies at heart of discovering your authentic self.

The 97% Speak: Glenn Cole

December 17, 2014ByMindi Rosser

Glenn Cole, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at 72andSunny, joins us today to discuss agency culture, gender equality in advertising, and unique pairings to create inspired work.