A 3% thanks giving story

November 25, 2014ByRebecca Rivera

Nancy Vonk and Laurel Stark Akman at The 2014 3% Conference

Being grateful is a powerful emotion for those experiencing it. But saying thank you is empowering for everyone involved. Ours can be a thankless industry, full of long hours and high expectations. We all battle feelings of self doubt. So we can all benefit from some genuine appreciation from time to time. Even the rock stars need a reminder that their hard work matters to someone.

The benefit of diversity... is diversity.

November 22, 2014ByKat Gordon

I received an email this week from an awesome female CD I hadn't heard from in awhile. She shared the good news that her small agency had just won a big piece of business, going up against larger agencies. She was most proud that they scored this win with an all-female pitch team and she wondered if it might make for a good blog post for 3%.

Trends: A Fireside Chat

November 19, 2014ByMindi Rosser

Sarah Granger, Ann Mack, 3 Percent Conference


Conference session recap by Mary Anne Sacco


Rewriting Women into History

November 12, 2014Bytiffany jonas

How women are changing history, business, and the world

Conference session recap by Gail Swanson

Sponsor: Digitas

Dyllan McGee (pictured below)

Ageism: Advertising's (Even) Uglier Secret

November 8, 2014ByNicole Marquis

When a "plus" turns into "plussed out"

Conference session recap by Nicole Marquis

Sponsored by Swirl, Wells Fargo

If you can’t read this then you need to pay attention.

How To Be The Best Creative Director Ever

November 8, 2014Bytiffany jonas

Being a leader, creative, editor, cheerleader, curator, inspirer... and Jedi master

Conference recap by Shameka Brown Barbosa

Sponsor: VML

As the jam-packed room sat in anticipation, nervous energy filled the air.

What's Your Number?

November 8, 2014Bytiffany jonas

Tonya Peck, Chief Talent Officer at Possible, addresses the 3% Conference audience

What happened when one agency took the 3% challenge

Conference session recap by Laura Wolf

After last year's 3% Conference, a few of us at POSSIBLE were inspired to return to our agency and perform our own gender audit for com

Why 2015 Won't Be Like 2015

November 8, 2014Bytiffany jonas

Cindy Gallop addresses the 3% Conference at the closing keynote

Changing our industry over the next 12 months

Conference session recap by Gail Swanson

What's the best way to close out an event as special as the 3% Conference?

The Social Media Confidence Gap

November 8, 2014Bytiffany jonas

What's with the #SocialGap?

Conference session recap by Erin Smith

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All of us are intersections. Really dig deep and understand the core of what sets you apart and give yourself the permission to use it.

3 Ships: Sponsorship, Mentorship, Internship

November 8, 2014Bytiffany jonas

Panelists at the 3 Percent Conference "3 Ships" session

Ship, Ship, Hooray! 

Conference session recap by Megan Blacksher

Sponsor: McCann

Whether just starting out in our careers or working in senior leadership roles, many of us have been fortunate to take part in the 3 "ships" − sponsorship, mentorship, and internship.