The Company I Keep: Why Job-Hopping Isn't Necessary to Succeed

May 10, 2016ByRebecca Bedrossian

Guest post by Martha Hiefield


Originally published on Ad Age.

Five Ways to Grow While Staying at the Same Company

In Time for Mother's Day: 20 Microactions to Support Moms in Your Agency

May 5, 2016ByKat Gordon

It's Mother's Day this weekend. The national average of women who are moms is 80% while only 38% of women in the advertising industry have kids. Our industry is especially punishing to mothers. To be clear: we need agencies to be friendlier to ALL women, kids or not. We can't up the numbers of female CDs without solving for many things, motherhood included.

Side Hustles: Annabel Acton of Never Liked It Anyway

April 21, 2016ByRebecca Bedrossian

Introducing Side Hustles, a new series on the 3% Blog where we'll regularly profile creative women's pursuits outside agency walls. Side Hustles will feed our creativity in novel ways and remind us to dream big about the light and heat we bring into the world. Are you hustling? Let us know! Email rebeccabwrites [at] gmail [dot] com.

Give fewer f**s, enter more competitions.

April 12, 2016ByKat Gordon

I recently received an email from a female creative I’ve never met. She included a link to her portfolio and asked if I thought she “had a shot” at winning in The One Show’s One to Watch competition.

Truth? I didn’t look at her portfolio. But I did respond that YES, I thought she had a shot and she should definitely nominate herself.

War Story: My Worst Experience in Advertising.

March 22, 2016ByKat Gordon

This essay appears in the newest issue of Advertising Creative: Strategy, Copy & Design by Jean Grow and Tom Altstiel. 3% Founder, Kat Gordon, contributed it as a "War Story" to showcase the many failures we face in advertising. We're good at crowing about our successes, but it's important for emerging creatives to know that some days will suck.

The 4%: Film's Gender Problem

March 10, 2016ByNicole Marquis

#OscarsSoWhite dominated headlines about the Academy Awards this year, but perhaps we should also call the awards show #OscarsSoMale.

Just Dance: Embracing Diversity, Inclusion & Creative Conflict

February 29, 2016ByRebecca Bedrossian

Martha Hiefield on diversity's link to workplace innovation.

We've Come A Long Way, Baby. Or Have We?

February 18, 2016ByNicole Marquis

Super Bowl 50 commercials still male centric

A majority of women felt this year's Super Bowl ads were more respectful to women. But we've still got a ways to go when it comes to respecting women behind the scenes.

Why I'm No Longer Looking for Female Role Models

February 10, 2016ByRebecca Bedrossian

Carrie Ingoglia on the importance of female peers.

Thankful for the women before me.

February 2, 2016ByRebecca Bedrossian

A look back to Dame Stephanie Shirley, the most successful tech entrepreneur you've never heard of, who helped pave the way for the modern working woman.