Announcing our 2015 Student Scholar Competition

August 31, 2015ByKat Gordon

We've shaken things up a little this year with our Student Competition.

OLD WAY: students work in teams
NEW WAY: entrants have the option to enter as a team or as an individual

OLD WAY: students submit poster art
NEW WAY: students submit a one-minute video

Eleven Sound

August 17, 2015ByRebecca Bedrossian

Andrea Saparoff visits Eleven and discovers what makes this gender-balanced sound studio successful.


August 4, 2015ByMindi Rosser

As a mentor to other female creatives, I have a responsibility to tell the story of Peep Show.

Pro Bono. Good for You.

July 28, 2015ByNicole Marquis

U 2 can go pro bono.

When you're doing pro bono advertising, you're not only putting your professional skills to work for the greater good, you're also building your portfolio and your network. It's not entirely selfless, since pro bono can pay off big time.

It's a Good Time to Be a Woman in India

July 22, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Embedded thumbnail for It's a Good Time to Be a Woman in India

More women believe they have the freedom to speak out and make themselves heard.

Lullabye Condolences

July 14, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Lullabye Condolences, Laila Haus, Tatum Duryba,

The most challenging design brief of my life: my daughter’s gravestone.

20 Things You Can Do Right Now to Avoid Advancing at Work!

July 7, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Kelly Niland - 3 Percent Conference

Do you ever get the sense that your male colleagues might be having an easier time in their careers? That, even though you started off with similar qualifications, they seem to be moving up more quickly? That’s because they are. Why? Because they know how to do it better than you!

10 Ways to Be An Agent of Change

June 23, 2015ByNicole Marquis

Many luminaries, visionaries, and advertising greats have shared their insights with us over the years on how to create change within the ad industry. A lot of times, it starts with changing ourselves and our perceptions. Here are 10 ways to get started.

3 Percent came to London… and I came away ready for (micro)action!

June 23, 2015ByKat Gordon

London-based creative Emily Fleuriot shares what she learned at 3 Percent’s London MiniCon. Emily is editorial director at independent creative agency Sunshine. She also writes, blogs as Fashion Popcorn and has reconciled her love of fashion with her passionately feminist beliefs. You can follow her on Twitter @fashionpopcorn.

Are we in the middle of a women's movement in technology?

June 15, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Women, Innovation and Technology Summit (WIT) at eMerge Americas

Guest Post by Johanne Wilson

Over the course of my career as a creative, I haven't experienced much discrimination, at least not to my face.