The opportunity is girls

July 22, 2014ByNicole Marquis

Girls build the future with GoldieBlox

Girlpower ads are powerful opportunities for conversation with the kids in our lives. Surprisingly, know what else is? The work we do at our agencies. Here's why.

Work/Life Unbalance – Learning to live with the new “connected” normal.

July 9, 2014ByNicole Marquis

Valerie Moizel, Executive Creative Director/Partner at The Woo, explains why she's embracing the new normal of connectivity and not wallowing in guilt over having to constantly multitask between being a mom, a wife and a boss.

5 takeaways from Digital Hollywood's Women in Advertising panel

July 1, 2014ByNicole Marquis

3 percent site
Guest post by Skyler Mattson, Managing Director of WONGDOODY about a recent panel that unearthed some great takeaways for anyone about how digital campaigns are changing... and how the same rules still apply.

A site for sore eyes

June 26, 2014ByKat Gordon

3 percent site

We just launched a brand new website for 3%. Go ahead, take a look around (I’ll wait). Nice, huh?

Part of the unveiling of the site includes debuting our 2014 speaker lineup and agenda. From keynote speakers and panel discussions to CD/Client Bootcamps and fireside chats, this year’s conference provides a comprehensive two-day agenda that addresses the most significant issues impacting the creative world.

Beyond the cracked ceiling. Into the hall of mirrors.

June 24, 2014ByNicole Marquis

Guest post by Lauren Tucker, SVP and Director at The Martin Agency. Confidently poking your head through the glass ceiling can make it an easy target, and the very real fear of having it summarily cut off can be a more powerful reason for risk aversion than a mere lack of self-confidence. The threat of backlash, like water over time, will erode the hardest rock of female ambition.

Why we overvalue overwork

June 5, 2014ByKat Gordon

Create your own finish line

Accountants reach a moment where the tax returns are done. Doctors have viewed the X-rays. Chefs have reduced the sauce. But when is a creative presentation "done"?


May 28, 2014ByKat Gordon

3% Conference New York Road Show panel

I left the 3% Conference New York Road Show on May 8 feeling good. Another sold-out crowd showing their support for diversity in yet another corner of the U.S. Yet a mere 24 hours later, my bubble was popped.

A 3% rookie attends her first roadshow

May 16, 2014ByKat Gordon

Captivated by the 3% Roadshow

The following is a guest post by Zuzy Martin Lynch, VP, Account Supervisor at CDM NY. Last week, I was able to attend my very first 3% Conference event when the 3% Roadshow hit NYC during Creative Week. Hosted by Ogilvy NY, the energy and creative talent seemed to flow out onto 11th Avenue.

Tips for the 97%

May 13, 2014ByNicole Marquis

Guest post by Mike Caguin, Chief Creative Officer of Colle+McVoy. We’ve long known that there aren’t enough women in creative departments. I am proud to work at an agency that has a respectable balance considering the industry averages. Overall leadership of my agency is 45 percent women and 16 percent within the creative group. Not bad, but not ideal. We strive to do better, and as Yoda would say, “Be better we must.”

Why an all-dude tech conference is so 1955

May 5, 2014ByNicole Marquis

WSJ's speaker lineup: 17 men, 0 women

Sometimes I wonder what year we're living in. Like when the Wall Street Journal announced its newly re-branded tech conference featuring 17 speakers. All of them male.