The 97% Speak: Scott McAfee

October 22, 2014ByMindi Rosser

Scott McAfee - Sanders\Wingo 3% Conference


Scott McAfee, Partner at Sanders\Wingo, joins us today to talk about why he's speaking at The 3% Conference, the big idea behind his Behavioral Science Lab and words of advice for his daughter if she decides to go into advertising.

Live from the 3% Conference: You!

October 13, 2014Bytiffany jonas

Guest Blogging 3 Percent Conference 2014

Be part of the 3% blogger team for an hour

Back by popular demand… the 3% Conference is again looking for a few good recappers!

3% Conference 2014 Student Scholarship Winners

October 13, 2014ByMindi Rosser

3 Percent Conference Student Scholarship Winners 2014

We are excited to announce our winners of the Student Scholarship Program for 2014.

Who will you nominate for this year's Three Cheers award?

October 7, 2014ByKat Gordon

Do you know a man or woman who has done something above-and-beyond the ordinary this year to help bump the 3% number upward? If so, then nominate him or her for The Three Cheers Award. We created this award to showcase how one individual can -- and does -- make a difference.

How to Get Your Company to Pay to Send you to 3%.

September 24, 2014ByKat Gordon

How can you convince your agency management that it's worth it to send you to The 3% Conference? Here's how.

Rising 3 Percenter Colleen Shaw uses her camera to capture the miraculous

September 16, 2014ByNicole Marquis

Rising 3 Percenter Colleen Shaw

In one conversation at the 3% Conference, student volunteer Colleen Shaw got the boost she needed to pursue production. Today, she's a director using her camera to give a voice to a 20-year old ex-athlete who, due to locked-in syndrome, can't utter a word.

Progress! Women now 11% of CDs -- a 319% increase.

September 9, 2014ByKat Gordon

3 percent study showing the ratio has changed

We need to change the name of our conference.

I've been wanting to type those words for three years now. And today I have the privilege of doing so.

The 3% Conference just released some research that shows that female CDs now comprise 11% of the field. That's more than a three-fold increase and worthy of celebration.

Announcing our Student Scholarship program for 2014!

September 2, 2014ByKat Gordon

The 3% Conference | Student Scholarship Winner 2013

The 3% Conference is proud to announce the second year of our student scholarship competition and a brand new sponsor of this initiative: Adobe! Last year we received dozens of impressive submissions including the one above, submitted by Chloe Cotoulas and Andrew Sampson, two of our 2013 winners. Read on to find out what this year's creative challenge is.

97% of creative leaders might be blind

August 26, 2014ByNicole Marquis

97% of creative leaders are blind

Women account for more than 80% of consumer spending, yet only 3% of creative leadership is female. Does this create a virtual blind spot in advertising campaigns? And does it mean that ads created by men for women are doomed to fall into a hit-or-miss situation — no matter the testing?

Book Review: Yes, Chef.

August 21, 2014ByKat Gordon

Marcus Samuelsson's food memoir sheds light on diversity issues in the restaurant world.

I just devoured this memoir while flying to and from our Salt Lake City road show. So many things made it personally relevant: the author lost his mother at age 4 (like I did), he was orphaned in Ethiopia (like my adopted nephews), and he loves diversity, in and out of the kitchen, also like me.