10 Ways to Be An Agent of Change

June 23, 2015ByNicole Marquis

Many luminaries, visionaries, and advertising greats have shared their insights with us over the years on how to create change within the ad industry. A lot of times, it starts with changing ourselves and our perceptions. Here are 10 ways to get started.

3 Percent came to London… and I came away ready for (micro)action!

June 23, 2015ByKat Gordon

London-based creative Emily Fleuriot shares what she learned at 3 Percent’s London MiniCon. Emily is editorial director at independent creative agency Sunshine. She also writes, blogs as Fashion Popcorn and has reconciled her love of fashion with her passionately feminist beliefs. You can follow her on Twitter @fashionpopcorn.

Are we in the middle of a women's movement in technology?

June 15, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Women, Innovation and Technology Summit (WIT) at eMerge Americas

Guest Post by Johanne Wilson

Over the course of my career as a creative, I haven't experienced much discrimination, at least not to my face.

How To Leverage New Trends in Advertising Technology

June 10, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Recently, thought leaders in technology came together at the Ad:Tech conference in San Francisco. From the exhibitor floor, to the keynotes, to the breakout sessions, professional exchange yielded many ideas and concepts that will, no doubt, drive campaigns forward.

Mark Barden: A Beautiful Constraint

May 28, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Kat Gordon interviews Mark Barden about his new book, A Beautiful Constraint: How to Transform Your Limitations into Advantages, and Why It's Everyone's Business, and how its principles can be applied to female creatives and leaders.

BYOB (Be Your Own Boss)

May 26, 2015ByNicole Marquis

The definition of entrepreneur is someone who undertakes any enterprise.

What kind of businesses or market segments is your ad agency neglecting or turning away? These untapped segments are significant opportunities for a business you can build yourself.

Takeaways from the Bentonville Film Festival

May 18, 2015ByKat Gordon

I returned last week from the first-ever film festival for female directors. Chaired by Geena Davis and underwritten by Walmart and others, The Bentonville Film Festival was a big frigging deal.

Blow the Whistle, Not Your Career: An ACD’s Tale of Sexual Harassment

May 14, 2015ByMindi Rosser

Sexual Harassment at Work

The 3% Conference is an optimistic movement and does not exist to shame agencies, but to help all agencies improve their diversity efforts. The issue of sexual harassment is one we plan to address at this fall's conference and hope your comments in response to this post may help us shape the agenda.

Tackling the Last Elephant in the Room: Ageism

May 5, 2015ByNicole Marquis

Maximum 50 sign

Being a mom and being female is like having the deck stacked against you, when it comes to working in many traditional ad agencies. But there's a third card that practically guarantees a losing hand. It's age.

Why We Need To Bite The Hand That Feeds Us

April 21, 2015ByNicole Marquis

Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt, USCTO Megan Smith, and President & CEO of the Aspen Institute Walter Isaacson, talk about women and tech at the #SXSW panel.

At a recent tech panel, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google continuously interrupted Megan Smith, the USCTO. And the one woman brave enough to call Schmidt out happened to be Google's Diversity Officer. Who recognized a real time learning opportunity for her boss.