My Plight as a Unicorn

April 19, 2017ByLaura Wolf

My Plight as a Unicorn, by Shameka Brown Barbosa

Shameka Brown Barbosa on why the "U-word" needs to go.

Redefining Cannabis Culture: A Woman's Work

April 4, 2017ByLaura Wolf

Redefining Cannabis Culture: A Woman's Work

The 3% interviewed April Pride, founder and CCO of Van der Pop, to discuss her journey into the forefront of the burgeoning cannabis lifestyle industry.

"Beyond Gender." Announcing the theme, city + dates for our 6th annual conference.

March 26, 2017ByKat Gordon

The quote above I typed into Twitter two hours ago as part of a #ConvosWithADCOLOR Twitter chat about diversity. They kindly turned it into a little piece of art (thank you, Justin Adu).

It's the perfect cue card to introduce the theme for the 2017 3% Conference: Beyond Gender.

You Are Not a Brand, You Are a Person

March 7, 2017ByLaura Wolf

Amy Small on why the only personal brand you need to define is the one that makes you happy.

Call to Action: Lean into the Tough Conversations

February 26, 2017ByLaura Wolf

Lean into the tough conversations

Stepping out of your comfort zone to have the tough conversations is never easy. But the payoff is big.

Stop Talking, so I Can Stop Nodding

February 20, 2017ByLaura Wolf

Christina Knight

When women are the appreciative audience in meetings, boosting men, they can grow increasingly invisible, deflated, and frustrated. Christina Knight offers a strategy to shift the power dynamic in your favor.

Why Women Should Run Agencies

February 15, 2017ByLaura Wolf

Swift Agency Founders Liz Valentine and Alicia McVey

Rebecca Bedrossian wants to shine a light on how Swift, a women-founded agency in Portland, is thriving.

Create change. Amplify the good. Send a thank you.

February 9, 2017ByLaura Wolf

Create change. Amplify the good. Send a thank you.

Kelly Fredrickson suggests we need to say thank you to the people who are standing up and doing what’s right, and provides a mailing list to do so.

Reimagining the Feedback Experience

January 29, 2017ByLaura Wolf

Jen Ostrich, founder of Ostrich Coaching + Consulting, explains why the way people experience feedback at work needs to change, one agency leader at a time.

A Letter to Young Women, in the Age of Trump

January 23, 2017ByLaura Wolf

A Letter to Young Women, in the Age of Trump by Sally Krawcheck

Trump has made it clear to everyone that the battle for us women is not over. Ellevest CEO and co-founder Sallie Krawcheck outlines what we can and should do about it.