Thankful for the women before me.

February 2, 2016ByRebecca Bedrossian

A look back to Dame Stephanie Shirley, the most successful tech entrepreneur you've never heard of, who helped pave the way for the modern working woman.

On “Manbassadors”: Why equality between women and men is needed in today’s creative industry.

January 22, 2016ByRebecca Bedrossian

Guest post by Max Rutherford


Since October 2015’s 3% Conference, I’ve been spellbound and intrigued by this ingenious word called “Manbassador.”

The 3% through Hispanic Eyes

January 7, 2016ByRebecca Bedrossian

Guest post by Claudia Camargo


2016: The Year Diversity Excuses Officially Expire

December 29, 2015ByKat Gordon

Time’s up, folks.

Excuse-making is over. O-V-E-R.

For conferences that “can’t find any female speakers.”

For HR leads who ignore the behavior of a few powerful bad apples that poison the entire agency culture.

I Wish I'd Done That

December 10, 2015ByRebecca Bedrossian

Session Recap by Shameka Brown Barbosa


Recruiting: What Role Should Diversity Play?

December 8, 2015ByRebecca Bedrossian

Conference Session Recap by Christena J. Pyle


To All the Trailblazing, Inspirational and Bold Women Leaders of Tomorrow: 20 Tips (Big and Small) to Help You Get There

December 3, 2015ByRebecca Bedrossian

Here are 20 pieces of advice to help empower the next generation of female leaders in advertising.

Learning to be a Manbassador

December 1, 2015ByRebecca Bedrossian

Guest post by Huu Anh Nguyen

My Takeaways from The 3% Conference

Leaning In & Shattering Stereotypes

November 22, 2015ByRebecca Bedrossian

Rachel Thomas, president of Lean In, on how to lean in and stereotypes.

Awareness, Microactions, Accelerants, Results

November 15, 2015ByRebecca Bedrossian

Session Recap by Shameka Brown Barbosa